It's not just about the ladies, anymore.

From fresh fades to expertly tousled locks, the gentlemen are hopping on the bandwagon and making their grooming a priority. With the help of 18.21 Man Made, we’re making sure the fellas are well taken care at our Mequon salon.

Based in Texas, 18.21 Man Made is owned by three hard-working gentlemen - Angel del Solar, Aston LaFon and David del Solar. They possess a passion for premium, uncommon goods gentlemen take pride in owning.

After noticing the mundaneness of men’s grooming goods, they were inspired by American prohibition and began to bootleg their own custom mixtures. The name 18.21 Man Made pays homage to the 18th and 21st amendments, which started and repealed prohibition.

Their products feel uniquely American and provide a nostalgic, yet modern, grooming experience. Each is crafted with exceptional materials, choice ingredients, and feature the custom crafted aroma of sweet tobacco.