DeRiah is proud to offer clients a variety of solutions for hair loss or thinning hair. Utilizin CRLAB products and treatments, we can now transform our clients’ lives through healthy hair and scalps.

Scalp neglect is the leading cause of hair loss and hair thinning. These hair restoration systems are designed to treat your scalp and stimulate hair growth.

First, we need to know your specific situation through a complete check-up. After that, we can propose the most effective strategy, the right mix of clinically tested products and technological tools to take care of your hair.

We offer customized solutions to give an effective and concrete answer to the problem of hair loss and to counteract the main anomalies of the scalp such as dandruff, excess sebum or itching.

We put all our commitment and our professionalism to give back to every man and woman the pleasure of always having thick, healthy and beautiful hair. 

Step 1: Tricotest ®

Your DeRiah consultant will first examine your scalp using the CRLAB unique, patented Tricotest®.

Simple and accurate. Find out the state of well-being of your scalp-hair system. 

The TRICOTEST® by CRLAB allows obtaining a precise and personalized evaluation of the situation and the values of the scalp-hair system. 

The CRLAB TRICOTEST® consists of 5 phases and is developed to determine accurately the possible anomalies of the scalp and hair. 

Accurate instruments are used to measure and quantify:

1) The Sebum Level

2) Skin Hydration and pH

3)  High-resolution photos with different magnifications are taken and examined 

4) Exam for Scalp Anomolies and Scalp Health

5) Health and Scalp History

Based on the collected data, your DeRiah consultant will be able to suggest the most suitable products and personalized treatments. 


Hair & Scalp Care Products

These specially designed products are the ideal mix of essential oils, plant stem cells, gemstones, and pharmaceutically-derived molecules, formulated to target the health of your scalp and consequentially your hair. There are 3 protocols offered to fight the major causes that affect your hair and scalp conditions:

  • Hairloss Prevention Protocol
  • Antidandruff Protocol
  • Sebum Regulating Protocol

Havogen 5 Patch

The Havogen 5 patch is specifically formulated for hair loss prevention. This time-released formula fights hair loss with Saw Palmetto, Complex B vitamins, and antioxidants. The small clear patch is placed on the neck for 12 hours per day. After one month, you’ll feel the difference.

  • Works well to control oily scalp conditions
  • Nourishes and strengthens your hair
  • Convenient and easy to use with 30-day supply in each package