Professional Skincare Powered by Peptides.

HydroPeptide offers professional skincare developed by geneticists and powered by patented peptide technology. Tested in treatment rooms worldwide, preferred by professionals, and backed by epigenetic research, HydroPeptide improves your skin's function at the cellular level for results beyond the surface.

Discover the Benefits of the Sea.

At the heart of the depths of the sea lies an active ingredient with extraordinary moisturizing, remineralizing, and protective power: Jania Rubens. Having never been used before, it is the strength behind Phytocéane skincare products and is used in nearly all of their formulas. Its ultra-moisturizing power makes it one of the most effective natural ingredients of the marine world. Visit us in Mequon to learn more about Phytocéane's full range of products and schedule a luxurious facial to discover the benefits of this wonderful line.